About Dhuri Resort

Dhuri Resort - Since 1948

Our journey into mesmerizing our customers' palate began right after India's independence. Shri. Mahadev Narayanrav Dhuri embarked on this journey in the year 1948. Later it was jointly looked after by Shri Mahadev Narayanrav and Shri Kashinath Narayanrav Dhuri . In 1975, Shri. Kashinath Narayanrav Dhuri solely held the reigns of this business under the name "Dhuri Vishranti Gruha". In 1979 our esteemed business, which now had hundreds of loyal customers. Post this, Mr. Kashinath Dhuri's responsible sons Shri. Sudhir Dhuri and Shri. Devendra Kumar Dhuri managed the business as able successors to "Dhuri Vishranti Gruha .Business continued to flourish under the priceless guidance of Shri. Kashinath Narayanrav Dhuri.

PAM REGENCY is one of the fastest growing Business Hotel and resorts in Vasai and is committed to providing customer delight, on time, every time. Our AC and Non AC halls ensure that our customers enjoy the ambience with delightfully delectable menus to choose from.We provide facilities for fine dine, banquet, halls ,resort ,AC resturants and pool party.

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What Makes us Stand apart

One aspect that makes us stand apart from the rest of the restaurants in our vicinity is our commitment to providing customer delight on time, every time. We understand that in arestaurant business, the journey towards gaining a customer's trust is through tantalizing his palate. We are committed to fulfilling our duties as one of the best restaurateurs in the town. We serve lip smacking, sumptuous dishes which our customers enjoy thus making the experience of "eating out" a nurturing and a memorable one!

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  • Resort

Changing for our customers, by our customers!

Two years we thoroughly researched on our customers' tastes and preferences, the menu, the ambience. We did extensive surveys to learn what our customers would perceive as a welcome change in our business. This helped us revamp our business strategically into a totally new and refreshing dimension and we originated PAM REGENCY.

Different aspects that go into making "eating out" a delightful experience. Eating out is one of those pleasurable activities that most of us look forward to. Good food satisfies the soul and a good restaurateur takes it to the next level by being mindful of all the different aspects that go into making a eating delightful. Hotels are not homes but the short time we spend here is supposed to soothe and comfort. We commit to provide our guest and corporate clients a consistent warm & friendly experience and fond memories through our nurtured staff who experience joy and pride at work while adhering to our social responsibilities.